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Norma Reid - Executive coach - living her dreams while supporting others in living theirs!

Whether you live in Victoria, on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada, North America or beyond, Certified Executive Coach Norma Reid can help you make your business and life dreams a reality.

Are you feeling a bit stressed about some upcoming changes or going through some major life transitions?

Would you like some help in navigating through them with more ease and grace? If so, give me a call! It is amazing what a coach can do! Or, are you doing just fine but

Is your business suffering with stressed employees?

Your staff not working together as a team the way you would like? A few upraised eyebrows and discord perhaps, not the harmonious work environment you dreamed of?

Are the coffee room conversations a bit on the negative side?

In 2010, slightly over 1 in 4 Canadian workers described their day-to-day lives as highly stressful (General Social Survey). Of those, over 60% (white collar workers) said their stress was work-related. Stress is estimated to account for over 85% of doctor's visits, and mental health problems alone cost Canadian employers an estimated $20 billion annually.

Now is the time to reduce work-related stress! A recent study published in the Psychological Science Journal revealed that "our responses to seemingly minor daily events have long term implications for mental health." People who were affected by daily stressors over an 8 day period of the review ten years later were more likely to be suffering from anxiety problems or mood disorders . (Susan Charles et. al University of California-Irvine).

How can you get your team working as a team, supporting one another, working their best strengths and helping your business prosper?

Through communication, connection and laughter!

When we understand ourselves and each other more and appreciate the unique differences and gifts each of us brings to the workplace, and we speak a common language, we will start to feel more connected to one another and the company. The better we feel, the better we perform: less stress = less errors, absenteeism, accidents, conflict, morale issues, poor decision making etc. More money, productivity, harmony, creativity and good decision making!

Laughter is one of the greatest antidotes to stress, reducing the stress hormone cortisol and releasing the feel good endorphins into the body, increasing the immune system and improving overall mood. It is good for the body, mind and soul. If we can laugh at those things that stress us out, if we can laugh at ourselves and others rather than taking ourselves so seriously, we have a more enjoyable life.

If you want solutions NOW, call Norma 1-236-464-3115

Norma Reid has helped hundreds of people understand themselves and others better, learn to lighten up and enjoy life more. Norma is a Certified Executive Coach who coached for Peak Potentials for many years, and a trainer who has taught hundreds of employees how to understand themselves and others better, to overcome negative beliefs and create a brighter future. Additionally, she is a certified Laughter Yoga Leader, with 22 years in the social services sector. With 11 years as a manager, she understands your business, and has the skills you need to take your staff to the next level!

What people are saying:

Comments from some Business Works participants:

“I contracted with Norma to do some teambuilding for two staff members who were really having a difficult time communicating together, affecting their jobs and the sustainability of their program. Norma designed and led two sessions, based upon the concepts within Personality Dimensions. The results were impressive. Let alone did the staff members say they enjoyed the sessions, they were able to find new ways to appreciate each other's differences, their interactions became more positive, and their communication skills improved immensely”.

Lyn Adamson, Program Director, Career Link, Powell River

Staff, directors and volunteers of the South Okanagan Women in Need Society met to forge a clear vision for the next ten years. At this meeting it was important that all areas of the organization were represented. It was also integral to our success that we had a leader who could skillfully guide a diverse group of individuals through the process of simplifying complex goals.

Norma, with her extensive background in the social sector, training skill sets and a passion for helping others, was the perfect person to facilitate. She led us through a number of exercises and discussions. By the end of the session she had helped us lay the groundwork that we would need to finish our task.

Having clarity will take you to where you need to go. Norma can help you get there.

Lisa Hopper, Board Chair, SOWINS

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to take action, get your team onboard and take your business to the next level. Call Norma today at 1-236-464-3115 or 1 877-334-3418